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Employees testimonialsI have been working with Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd. from September 2013, it was totally a new project for me, in a nut shell I was a fresher as a manager but thanks to Bajaj Consumer Care for giving the best trainings and environment to grasp the skills quickly. I really feel proud to work with such a company who thinks about the off roll employees also e.g providing financial assistance to the ones who need , which I had never seen in my career. It has been 2.5 years of working till now but I believe that I will go further with this company with more upcoming projects.Priyojeet Sen, Area Sales Manager
Employees testimonialsI am working in this company from last 5.5yrs, here with I must say that my organization (Bajaj Consumer Care Ltd.) is full of ethics and transparency. I feel proud to say that, we as an organization think about each and every employees on regular basis. The motto of the organization is transparent from top to bottom. I would love to say that the initiative from the HR like MY CHILD MY PRIDE is very touchy and favorite for me which motivates not only me but my family also. Last but not the least that if anybody takes the initiative regarding sales then he immediately get the recognition in the company.Krishna Kumar Dubey, Area Sales Manager,(Lucknow)
Employees testimonialsBajaj Consumer Care is an organization that explains you to be optimistic! Express yourself that you can change and you can do the things you craving! Learn to achieve success! It is brilliant! I just need to say that I am proud to be a part of Team Bajaj Consumer Care.Gaurav Dewda, Sales Officer,(Ratlam)
Employees testimonialsI found so many things great about BCCL. I adore my relations with my colleagues and with my seniors. There is always an open opportunity to further your career paths within the company, and the flexibility within the company is so promising that it leverages us to take good initiatives for company growth. The best part about working for BCCL is its people and the values based culture and environment. Its guiding values and clear succession planning would always ensure individuals career growth while growing as a company. I love the kind of respect employees have towards BCCL and its management. Not many companies care as BCCL do. Their KJBF trust have been a supportive pillar for our off roll employees and have given a positive hope in the minds of employees and their family. Due to our culture and guiding values, we all work together towards our common goals. I worked hard, and I was well recognised by my management and was handed over the responsibilities as per my calibre. Again I will only say that I love to work at BCCL.Rajpal Singh Poonia, Sr. Sales Officer, (Jaipur)
Employees testimonialsEvery day I work in BCCL and I gain a new experience that also helped me in shaping my future career. Since I joined here around 15 years back as Sales Representative, I have learnt many new things like how to take the responsibilities, how the company culture is, how to do planning for the company growth, etc. Our management have always supported and encouraged me for each initiative and activity I have done for the company. I remember that I have been promoted 4 times in BCCL which is a remarkable achievement for me. My colleagues are also helpful and supportive which gives me the feeling as we are all family members of BCCL. The company also have a great culture and environment. Celebrations are done on various occasions like birthday celebrations, religious festivals and other similar auspicious occasions.

As a Sr. Sales officer, I always try to devote myself to the fullest for the company growth. While working in a field, we feel responsibility towards company as we are a face of BCCL for our channel partners.

My communication skills have also improved by continuous effort and support of my seniors. Also I am happy with the type of transparent communication approach company has with its employees.
Anuj Sharma, Sr. Sales Officer, (Amritsar)
Employees testimonialsIt’s been more than 5 years that I have been working in Bajaj Consumer Care and it has revealed to be a good involvement for me. I have been able to progress myself both ‘personally and professionally’. Bajaj Consumer Care is a lovely place to work with colleagues and supervisors continuously equipped to provide their care. Bajaj Consumer Care provides various trainings to all employees like Corporate Manners, Time Management, Goal Setting, Soft Skills(Excel etc) etc. These have been of great service in training and development.Raghvendra Dubey, Sr. Sales Officer, (AGRA(R))
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